Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 3 Best Reasons to Price Your eBook 99 Cents

3. Cents are a more common currency than potatoes in the industrialized world. And they're easier to carry.

2. The 9s look like they're spooning, which is comforting.

1. Remember when you were a kid and being able to count to 100 was very impressive? 99 cents gives you that penultimate moment of glory for all eternity.

If I'm going to waste energy on this argument, I'm going to waste it HARD.


  1. Best 3 pro-99-cent-pricing arguments *ever*. =)


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  3. Here are just a few of the things I could buy from amazon instead of your book.

    Spectacular Eyeglasse Cords-Light Brown

    One half of an episode of Stripperella

    99 (Yes, ninety-nine. 100% legit) HTC Hero Android Phones


    an Emergency Poncho

    What advantages does your release have over, say, an Emergency Poncho, which I could also aford? A Spectacular Light Brown Eyeglass Cord? I have to admit, I'm dubious

  4. The real challenge is to think of a LESS advantageous way to spend $0.99.