Friday, March 11, 2011

Hardcore Gangster Rap

A lot of writers say they've been compelled to write since the first time they picked up a pen. Not me. I started writing fiction after taking a class in my third year of college. I've always had a creative, outlet, though. First art, then music, then writing.

For a time I threw myself into hardcore gangster rap. Here's the lyrics from one of my favorite songs from that phase. It's about the n-gage, a phone that played videogames, and you talked into the top side instead of into the front.

pic from song title is a link. you should know this old meme.


I wanna give a shout out to my boys at Nokia,
The biggest phone pimps this side of south korea.
coming up with all the illest phone ideas,
With its mad taco shape, like a corn tortilla.
And you don’t wanna fuck with those Finnish thugs.
Cause you don’t wanna catch any Finnish slugs.
Cause they know about the Gages and they’re packin 12.
So go ahead and put those PSPs back on the shelves.
I don’t wanna hear a thing about the QD.
cause if you aint down with side-talkin,
Then fool, you aint down with me.
cause this a phone for an OG.
Original gamer, son,
You know that that’s what I be.
So you still talkin in the front of your phone?
Son you can’t handle the Gage,
You need to leave it alone.

Cause I’ma,
Side-talkin’ up and down the block.
And I’ma talkin in my taco
While I’m poppin’ my glock.
And I’ma
cuttin’ deals on my n-gage.
Best believe that I’m for real
About my n-gage.

So tell me what the n-gage ever do to you?
Cause when you front on the n-gage, son,
you front on my whole damn crew.
cause we all rollin’ with the gage.
Like when we bustin’ our shotties
When the shit hits the fan backstage.
Or when we smokin on that prairie sage.
So you been talkin that smack, man?
I don’t wanna end up in the cage,
But I can’t take that kind of disrespect.
So we’ll settle this virtually,
Go head and pull out yo deck.
A little player versus played.
I’ll make you remember
Why you stayed the hell out the arcade.
And you should definitely be afraid.
You’re gettin flayed, and frayed,
And portrayed in an unsavory way.
You’re gonna eat some of this handgrenade.
Receive no medical aide,
And you’ll be very dismayed.
At the way you’re made to pay for your gall.
Don’t go for the n-gage, cause
you just aint a balla.


Now all you know I love to side-talk.
So you fuck with my n-gage,
And you gonna hear pop pop pop.
Nah, you don’t wanna feel
This hammer drop.
You wanna stay way back,
When I’m wailin’ on Tony Hawk.
And I just pulled off a dope trick.
You wanna battle, punk,
And look the fool in front of your whole clique?
Nah you don’t want even a little bit.
But I’m sick of your mouth, so come on
and let’s do this shit!
What’s that, your piece can’t handle bluetooth?
When you call your mama cryin,
Gonna need to find a phonebooth?
So what exactly can your gear do?
It can play games? That’s it?
Well isn’t that way too cute.
Don’t even try to be a hater.
You know the n-gage launched
with a sweet port of Tomb Raider.
The game that everybody wants to play.
Pop off the back, pull out the battery
Put in the game and you’re on your way.

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