Thursday, March 24, 2011

My People

Presentation matters. I don't care how this offends you as a writer; it's true. Your cover gets people to click. Your blurb might be gripping, your sample may be brilliant, but if nobody clicks on your cover they'll never find out. And while that might be their loss aesthetically, it's your loss financially.

And don't even get me on typos and grammar mistakes. I doubt there are many perfect works out there, but you have to minimize mistakes. Every mistake breaks the fragile dream of your writing, reminding the reader that they're reading.

So I'm letting you all know who I work with, with a tab up top called My People. Here are the current contents of that page:

Much love to the people who made the publishing of Pulling Teeth possible! With the combination of an intensely disturbing cover and impeccably clean syntax, who cares what I actually wrote? If you're trying to make a book that people will confuse for a publication by the big boys in NYC, contacting any of these people would be a good step. For reals.

Cover art "Pulling Teeth" by Caroline Horst. Contact her at at that thar 

Cover art "Mouth" by Daisuke Kuroneko.

Cover design by Wendy McBride. Contact her at mcbride.wendy at that thar

Copy edit by Rebecca Stigge. Contact her at rhstigge at that thar

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