Sunday, March 13, 2011

This Blog Is About...

The world doesn't need another blog about self-publishing.

Okay, fine, the world doesn't need another blog at all. I need a blog,  the world? Meh.

But the world REALLY doesn't need another blog about self-publishing.

Because I don't have a book out yet (three on the way with another half-written), I'm currently networking with writers. I'm learning a ton from the writers on Kindle Boards and those who write self-publishing blogs. And I can thank JA Konrath for informing me of the entire self-publishing situation. Thank you JA Konrath.

But I'm hopefully going to have some readers soon. Readers are interested in their favorite authors' opinions on fiction, aesthetics, the subjects the author writes about, some things that happen in the author's life, and even that particular writer's writing process.

But advice on the nitty-gritty of self-publishing is only interesting to writers. And the topic is pretty well covered.

I want writers here, but I don't just want a circle jerk. I want to jerk everyone else, too.

P.S. In case you're wondering, that last line came out EXACTLY how I wanted it to.


  1. I struggle with this a bit too. I *hope* my blog will attract people who read my fiction. I *expect* most of my blog audience to be other indie writers. =)

    Guns & Magic is my "writing blog". So I blog about me, writing. Lately, that's been mostly about indie publishing, because that's where my mind has been. As I climb the learning curve, though, and become more comfortable with ebook publishing, and the novelty wears off, I expect to broaden my range of topics again. I might even start shooting again (I'm an amateur photographer).

    I don't really expect to be a self-publishing or indie publishing resource, except insofar as I don't mind sharing what I'm doing. That's not my goal.

    I need to learn what to write on my blog that will attract more ebook *readers* to keep the writers (and me) company. =)


  2. Of all my grandiose illusions, the greatest might be be that readers care what I have to say outside of my fiction.

    So I'd say it's probably good to write what's on your mind.