Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Help, is my baby a vampire?


"My wife is pregnant with our first child but shes been missing her period. Is this because the baby is drinking the blood? What should i do? I dont think i can afford to pay for blood while he grows up. Is there a vampire orphanage anywhere? Please help me i really dont know what im going to do.

Additional Details
im being serious and none of you are helping. Are you trying to tell me that my baby is going to be a troll? do they drink blood too?"

No good answers, so here's mine:

Yes, but it will drain your soul instead of your blood.


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  2. Boy, life sure is mysterious and confusing. Sharing a fetish with an unborn baby, for instance.

  3. Man, being stupid must be difficult. It has to be a troll... doesn't it?