Friday, April 8, 2011

Morgan Gallagher's Review of Burden Kansas

Much thanks to Morgan Gallagher for her thoughtful review of Burden Kansas.  I think I'll use "It’s a bloody rip roaring tale that gallops past quickly" in my blurb. If you've been on the fence about spending 99% of a dollar on Burden Kansas, this review might tip you.

In other Burden Kansas news, I'm formatting the paper edition. That's right, for only 10 times the price of the e-book with exactly the same content, you'll soon be able to weigh yourself down with a chunk of dead tree! Depending on some art stuff, it should be available in about a month.

Seriously, to anyone who plans to keep up with my writing: I'm planning to put out enough books in the next year that the difference in e vs p costs will pay for like half of your kindle. I push the kindle over the nook only because the kindle currently has the much better pearl e-ink screen, comparable in contrast to newsprint and very easy on the eyes. But just yesterday B&N was selling the nook "classic" for ridiculously low prices on ebay. Anyone heard if they're going to put out a new e-reader with a pearl e-ink screen, or if they're ditching it entirely for lcd?

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