Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vampire Month

April is a month of rebirth. But what about undeath?

You might have heard that I just released a novella called Burden Kansas which contains vampires. The vampire mythos stretches across cultures and back through time blah blah rich heritage blah. So there are a lot of ways to approach writing about vampires. Sure, they're hot now, but how do you keep the idea fresh? How does a writer decide which traditional traits to keep, and maybe which new traits to add? Who am I asking these questions of? Do I expect any answers?

HA! Yes I do! And from authors of some of the hottest vampire novels out right now!  I've invited several to contribute guest posts here, discussing their approaches to the ancient, fanged terrors, and I'll be doing the same at their blogs. You're going to see ancient vampires and young vampires. Funny, evil and sexy vampires. You're going to see vampires snorting up massive rails of meth and vampires just trying to hold down a job.

And at some point this month, several of us are going to host a vampire twitter talk. I'll keep you posted.

So enjoy your sunny days, but come nightfall, check in here at Pulling Tomorrow we get a post from Jennifer Rainey, author of These Hellish Happenings!

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