Thursday, May 5, 2011

Post Secret

I’m not an idea guy.

I’m always a bit jealous of writers who talk about how they can’t keep up with all the fiction ideas they have. For whatever reason, that’s not the way my mind works.

However, I can make a story out of just about anything. I do very well with writing prompts. My mind draws connections very easily. So I guess when god closes a door, it's worth two in the bush.

A writing instructor once told me that one way to drive a story is to give your characters secrets. The secret can be revealed during the course of the story or not; maybe not to the other characters, maybe not even to the reader. But the secret will give the character motivation and depth.

It struck me, then, that the website Post Secret is a weekly gift of amazing writing prompts. I save the ones that interest me, then look for ties between them. Each card gives you an image prompt and a sentence prompt in one neat little jpeg. They really stoke the imagination. A number of my stories are filed with their accompanying postcards.

Now that I’ve given away one of my most valuable writing secrets, I’ve been reduced as a character.

I’m sick. Sales have gone in the wrong direction. I just started the job search, which is depressing when you have almost no skills.

So this review by Jay Krow was just what I needed today. Thanks Jay!


  1. Auauauauagh, teh Interwebz just ate my post because some frigging Service was Unavailable. (I am not blaming Blogger. Perhaps it was not Blogger's Unavailable Service. But I bet it was.)

    Anyway, what a bizarre little website. Thanks for that. I'm not an idea girl, either. I can use all the tendrils of inspiration I can find.

  2. There is no fury like the fury of a person who lost a post! I can hear that primal auauauauagh ululating from across the ocean.

  3. Hadn't thought about using Post Secret before. That's a great idea that I might steal.

    The site I go to for character inspiration is I'm awful with specific descriptions of clothes. This site helps me with that. The clothes are a little crazy sometimes, but more than once I've been able to go there and find someone who becomes a character in my stories.

  4. I'm not full of tons of ideas, either. In fact, sometimes I wonder if maybe I'm not a legitimate writer because I'm not walking around with 600 stories in my head demanding to be written. I've had like 5 novel-sized story ideas. Ever. When a writer talks about his/her endless depths of story ideas, I like to console myself by secretly concluding that the vast majority of those ideas are most likely total crap. Don't tell anyone I'm such an asshole.

    Also, sorry to hear your sick. And job-hunting. Ugh. That's all I have to say. It's Friday. Have a beer.

  5. Jarrett - That is a cool site. Though I dress like a bum, I think that fashion is a neat art.

    KC - oh, it's definitely all crap.

  6. :) I fly by the seat of my pants with my muse in pilot mode. I think of characters as pictures in my head and then they have dialogues with me:) LOL But seriously, I don't have tons of ideas either. I just go with the flow and hope my work isn't crap on a stick bursting with warm gooiness:)