Monday, May 2, 2011

Things That Are Happening

Vampire month is over. Spring is springing. Change and allergens are in the air. Dogs are shedding. Flowers are blossoming. Genitals are tingling. Lasagna is cooling.

So I’m gonna write this quickly.

I’ve got a ton of stuff coming up. And my unemployment benefits are probably going to end soon. So I’m in a crazy manic state, except that I’m sick booooo. But I’m still getting things done.

My “publishing house” Sucker Punch Press has a logo. Thanks Wendy!

And for the book spines:

“When Cthulhu Met Atlach-Nacha,” my one-act domestic comedy set at the end of the world is formatted and ready to go. With a little tweaking, you can make a stage play look pretty nice as an ebook. I'm glad I know HTML. As soon as Wendy finishes the cover, I’m putting it up for $0.99. I’m not sure when that’ll be, but it should go live within the next two weeks.

My upcoming novel, a marshmallow soft contemporary scifi story about psions entitled Psychomancer has just a bit of revision left and then should be with my copyeditor within a week. I’m lining up a sick cover. Hopefully everything will come together and it’ll be up for sale within the month.

I’ve got short stories out and in various stages of consideration at different lit journals. I’m going to be doing some more submissions. It’s funny, at this point I want to get stories placed and published quickly mostly so that I can put out Pulling Teeth 2.

So, there’s a lot coming up. Yay!

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  1. Wait. What? Vampire month is over?

    OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!