Saturday, June 25, 2011

Free Concept: Ghost Poop

You poop. It's a good poop. Satisfying. You wipe.


You look in the bowl.


You tell yourself that the turd was of such density that it left no mark and sank into the pipe. You tell yourself that and you call it "ghost poop" and laugh. But the laughter is hollow. And a stink overwhelms you. The stink of your own fear. The fear that the term "ghost poop" is too accurate.

What have you unleashed on the world? What if you did indeed just poop the ghost of a turd? What does it want? Why does it wander the Earth? What will finally put it to rest?

This concept is copylefted. Anyone who wishes to use it may do so. Run with it. Share it with the world. Just please credit me as an inspiration.

Gonna be offline for a bit. Peace!


  1. "Landlord, a pint of whatever Alan Ryker has been drinking please."

  2. LOL! Well, the guys from Ghost Hunters are plumbers by day; they must deal with this all the time, right?

    I've seen marshmallows called ghost poop before, though. ... S'more, anyone?