Sunday, June 19, 2011

Need a Last Minute Father's Day Gift?

Don't give your dad one of my books. He'll hate it.

What do dad's like?

Dad's like:

  • Smoking pipes of fine tobacco.
  • Reading leather-bound military histories and big game hunting memoirs.
  • Sitting in overstuffed chairs.
  • Sipping scotch from a lowball glass.
  • Wearing bifocals.
  • Remembering times when men were men.
  • Mahogany.
  • Scratching an old dog on the head, a dog more loyal than his children ever could be.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Happy Father's Day, Dad, and dad's everywhere!

"What Alan Ryker can do in 132 pages puts to shame most of the 400 plus horror books I have read."


  1. you forgot to mention watching the Golf channel and any Ken Burns PBS special. My dad also likes vacuuming the car in the driveway to celebrate summer days...

  2. Got my dad a camera. I think it's too small for his big fingers, though. They make them so small these days.

  3. Dads have meaty sausage fingers and swollen knuckles, not the dainty little petunia pickers required to operate the modern gadget.