Thursday, June 16, 2011


It's out!
It's out!
Psychomancer's out!
Is it true?
Why yes it's true!
Doo doo doo doo
Doop doop dee doo!

Oh my. Hmmm.

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So. This book. 

I pride myself on having avoided developing a voice as a writer. I have tendencies. Common traits across my ouvre. But basically I've worked diligently to minimize my own rather distinctive essay voice and provide whatever voice the story or character perspective requires. I've done this by always asking myself what the character sounds like, and narrating in a similar voice, even in the third person.

Even so, this book is different.

Two of the three perspective characters have EXTREMELY internally maximalist voices. IE, their thoughts end up on the page. This will be a shock for those of you who only know Burden Kansas, where Keith's sections have zero self-reflection or description of the internal. People who've read both have said that it doesn't seem possible for the same person to have written both.

It's also different because it's kind of scifi, and I don't usually write scifi. But this isn't hard scifi. This is scifi as cottony soft as Snuggle the fabric softener bear. In fact, I fear retribution for categorizing it as scifi, but a book I'm currently reading, Michio Kaku's Physics of the Impossible, says that psionics is a future possibility. He says that precognizance isn't, but I haven't gotten to that section yet. And what does he know, anyway? A lot. Anyway, it's also categorized under contemporary fantasy, so suck on that.

Psychomancer has very little horror. But it does have a little. I can't help myself. It has a monster. A FREAKY SPIDER MONSTER OF THE MIND. And that crazy violence you all have grown to love.

I'm actually a bit nervous.

It's $0.99 for the next week or so, because my blog readers and my tweeps rock.


  1. If you're wondering what crazy Brit was up downloading your book at 6.20 GMT then - hello.

    Insomnia. Don't you just love it.

  2. I saw that sale when I woke up and knew exactly who it was.

    Insomnia is terrible. I have night terrors, which are mostly terrible for others. The klonopin means I never have insomnia.