Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blog Issues

I've got an interview up over at Iain Rowan's blog. Check it out, puhleeeeeeze. I think you'll find it entertaining.

One thing I think I should make clear is that I don't dislike thrillers. I don't read thrillers, so I don't have an opinion on them except that they sell well. Actually, that's not entirely true. I used to listen to a lot of serial killer thrillers when I was a document scanner, a lot of Sanford's Davenport stuff. Those are pretty silly, the ones with the themed serial killers.

I don't even dislike horror thrillers. I dislike that there seem to ONLY BE horror thrillers.

With all these disclaimers, you know it's gotta be a good interview!

So if you come to my blog instead of using a feed reader (I use google reader because I acknowledge google as my overlord ["And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords" – Kent Brockman "Deep Space Homer"]), you might have noticed a couple of changes.

First, I re-added the blogger navbar up top. I'm not crazy about how it looks, but I like that it make the blog easier to follow. You can follow with the google follow widget over in the sidebar, but I can't give that widget the top spot, so it takes a bit of digging. You can also follow in the traditional, rss way. But I have a feeling that so many writers use blogger that there are a lot who are used to clicking "follow" on the navbar, and I would like them to be able to if that's the case.

What do you think?

Second, I changed the comment field to a popup. I've wavered on this. On one hand, I HATE popups. On the other, I hate typing a comment and then navigating away or closing the tab too quickly and later discovering that I did so before the captcha came up, so my comment didn't take. I hate the thought that some people might have thought they left comments that never appeared. So I switched over to the popup.

What do you think?

And should I wear the blue or green polo today? What should I have for lunch? Will you please put me down for my nappy?


  1. Good interview, and thanks; have you read any of Iain's stuff? I've read two of his 'horror' short stories, and thought both were excellent; I'm genuinely looking forward to his collection.

  2. I haven't yet, but Nowhere to Go is high on my TBR pile.