Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holding a Kindle, Continued

I'd say that the manner in which you decide to hold your e-reader is probably the most important decision you'll make all day, but that would be a lie.

It's definitely the most important decision you'll make all day.

Last time we discussed one-handed holding methods. Not long after making that post, I saw this device:
The ezegrip. For one-handed, nude e-reading, it looks like the gadget to get. What I think is particularly nifty about it is that it collapses back to flat when not in use, so that you can still fit your reader into a normal case. Now, it does seem to permanently adhere to your e-reader, but the fact that you can fit it in a case anyway mitigates this to a degree. I think I'd attach this upside down, as I don't want my entire hand held, just my index and middle fingers. It comes in graphite and in white.

But in the comments, two-handed reading was brought up. Sometimes, it's fun to devolve and read with both hands. Sometimes I like to walk around on all fours. Seriously, though, I'd bet most people read their e-readers two-handed, since most devices don't have a page-turn button in the center.

Both of the cases I use for one-handed reading suck for two-handed reading, because they have soft spines. If you want to hold an e-reader old-school style, you need a solid spine like a paper book has. The unlighted official Kindle case was good for this, but had the side-effect of wrecking my Kindle. So I have one case that's optimal for this style, and you can have it too, for $2 or less!!!!

That's right, with just a composition notebook a razor, some packing tape, and a binder clip, you too can look like an incredibly slow reader until people are forced to check and see what you're staring at so intently, realize that the notebook is just a case and interrupt your reading to discuss how neat they think that is.

It's both a case and a curse!
You need pretty strong wrists, and a box-cutter or carpet razor. The more strokes it takes you to cut each line, the more paper dust you're going to create, so I suggest using something you can push hard with rather than an exacto knife. Other people have glued all the pages together, but one benefit of using tape is that it seals in most of the paper shavings. It's also much easier. Put something between the back page and the back cover to keep from carving all the way through. Be sure not to cut your fingers off!

The final touch is a piece of packing tape folded most of the way over on itself and slapped across the top. This will hold your e-reader in place. Obviously, it's not held in place very securely, so don't flap it around like an idiot. It's made for two-handed reading, so unless you're a total spazz I don't imagine your e-reader will fall out.

To display how great this $2 case is for two-handed reading, I'm showing you the above image of me holding it with one hand. I honestly considered if I could manage to operate my camera phone with my mouth. Aaaaaanyway...

Some people call it knowing what you want
Other people call it being finicky
Some people call it just plain nuts
Other people call it O-C-D!

But I'm krazy! I'm krazy! I'm krazy for my Kindle!
If I were a hobo, I'd carry it in a bindle!


  1. Huh, that Composition Book reader is pretty awesome. A little too retro-look for me though.

    Here's the one I use:
    Handles both one and two-handed reading nicely, I find! It has the added bonus of having extra cushion for when I drop the thing. Not that I do that a lot or anything. >.>

  2. Everything old is new is old is new is old is new again!

    My wife uses the zippered m-edge. They def make a quality product.

  3. What's part three? How you hold your Kindle whilst standing on your head?

  4. I downloaded the Kindle app for my Android phone. Pretty neat. Yep. I think I could start to verymuchlike this e-reading thing.

    Though getting the paper version of your book with an inscription was pretty awesome. :-)

    Captcha: "prebl" - as in I'll "prebl" like the Kindle app so much I buy even more e-stuff to read on it. Skynet, I tell you.

  5. That's cool! My gateway device was a cheapo Palm product that I used to read giveaway books. Then I moved to my phone, and finally a Kindle.

    Now that you've been assimilated (I know that's not Terminator!), check out smashwords summer sale. They've got a TON of stuff marked way down.