Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Have a Big Butt

I have a widget stuck to the home screen of my phone for notes. I'm extremely forgetful, so I leave myself reminders where I'll stumble upon them.

If you recall, I mentioned that I'm writing a series of flash fiction, each based in an awkward moment. My niece took my sister's phone and sent my wife a text that said, "I have a big butt." I thought of how funny and horrible the results could be if the situation were different. So I put a note on my phone to remind myself to write about it.

I still haven't written that piece of flash fiction, so every time I turn on my phone, I see a note that says, "I have a big butt." What's great is that, for just a split second, I don't remember what it's about, and it reminds me that I do indeed have a really big butt, from deadlifting.

I'd post a picture, but that seems like a mistake.

"I’m excited.  Very excited.  For a long time now I’ve been avoiding vampire films and novels because I hate the direction vampires have been taken in contemporary times.[...]But then this past week I watched STAKE LAND and read the novella BURDEN KANSAS and suddenly my faith in vicious, scary, and blood-thirsty vampires is being restored."


  1. i really like all the stories and conversations derived from actions of your nieces.

  2. As the wind beneath my wings, they allow me to soar a little higher.