Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Draft of Blood Tells True Complete!

I just finished the first draft of the sequel to Burden Kansas, which is currently still entitled Blood Tells True.

There is nothing like finishing the first draft of a long piece of fiction. Pride, relief, excitement.

The length is currently about 51,000 words. That's pretty much the shortest work I would feel comfortable calling a novel. Unless it grows significantly in revision, I think I'll call it a short novel (how about "novello"? That sounds longer than a novella, but shorter than a novel jkjkjkjk), and might price it between my novella and full-length novel prices (represented by the 34k Burden Kansas at $2.99 and the 74k Psychomancer at $4.99). I think it will grow, but not by too much. I may need to add a chapter or two in a couple of characters' perspectives to flesh them out a bit.

I'm psyched to really get down to the business of revising this book. I love revision. I don't think I spend an inordinate amount of time doing it when I should be writing new fiction. In fact, I aim to spend an equal amount of time every day doing each. But I love it. It's where I get to focus on the micro-level art of sentence and language, instead of the macro-level art of storytelling, which I find more stressful (though I think I'm better at it).

I'll talk about that more later. BECAUSE I KNOW YOU'RE DYING TO HEAR MORE ABOUT IT.

Anyway, yay!


  1. Awesome. I thought Burden Kansas was a killer Vamp book. I'm looking forward to the release of the sequel. Now get to work so I can buy it soon.

  2. Thank you! I'm feeling sequel anxiety for the first time with this book, but I think it's turned out.

  3. Congrats. You're right, the feeling of finishing is great; you can start to be certain you won't screw it up totally at that point.

    Go grab a beer to celebrate, or whatever you do.

  4. It's true. I think that's where the feeling of relief comes in. Unless you're doing serious rewriting, it's very unlikely that the manuscript will get worse. At least that's my opinion and experience.

    I had beer, vodka, scotch and bourbon!