Monday, September 12, 2011

Freaky! Outtie!

I love the cartoon Home Movies. I've been watching it on Netflix Instant a bunch. The creator, Brendon Small, is a musical genius type guy, so the show has lots of awesome original music. He does seem to prefer metal, which I don't.

I was rocking out to one of his songs when I realized, this is supposed to be the worst song by the worst band ever. Here you go:

I like it. It's very early-aughts post-hardcore (yes, there are different post-hardcore's that sound totally different from each other, depending on how post it is. Compare Hot Water Music and Orchid). It's hard to deny the song's resemblance to a lot of the music I listen to. For instance, Black Eyes - Deformative:

And here's a video recording of one of my favorite band's final show:

So I like music that others find insaniating. Story of my life.

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