Friday, September 16, 2011

Movie Reviews! Grab Bag

I'm watching a bunch of Mary Woronov movies. I have enough to fill an entire Movie Reviews! but I want to wait because there are some key films I haven't watched yet, like Deathrace 2000.

So this week is really just a grab bag.

Picture Me

I actually watch a ton of documentaries. I don't know why I so rarely review them. I guess because I feel more comfortable discussing the fictional. I understand the structure. I know how to talk about it.

There's really no reason why I'm making an exception for Picture Me.

Confession: I really like fashion. People who know my wardrobe but don't know this might be surprised. I have one pair of jeans that I wear every day. Each day, I clad my torso in either one of my many large black Fruit of the Loom tshirts or one of my many Old Navy polo shirts (I own pretty much every color).

But I love movies. I love comics. Yet I don't live either of them. I kind of live fiction, because that's my art. But fashion: I like to look at it, not live it. My favorite show is Project Runway. I go through phases of flipping through all the fashion magazines.

Wait, this is a movie review. Okay, so Picture Me is a fascinating look into the world of fashion modeling. It follows the career of Sara Ziff, whose significant other from near the beginning to the end happened to be a filmmaker.

They try to wring some sympathy for these women out of you, but it's difficult given the money they make. Ziff might be a fountain for how often she weeps. Still, the film triggers some ambivalence (does not mean "apathy"), given how young many of them get into this weird, unsupervised, somewhat-perverted world. But on the other side, they get to travel the world, experience culture, make tons of money and exist in the least utilitarian, most aestheticentric lifestyle possible.

Donkey Punch

I finally gave in and watched this movie, named after a fictional sex move of the likes found on Urban Dictionary (my friend invented the Yeti Yank). The Donkey Punch is something no one would ever do. And apparently, someone deeply considered that fact and wrote a movie centered around what might happen if a person actually did it.

I guess I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, because I had such low expectations and had avoided it for so long. I was really impressed by the way that the filmmakers weren't interested in creating a single likable character. It seemed intentional. I'm not being sarcastic.


This is a polarizing movie. You're either going to think it's pretentious crap or it's going to blow your mind, or you're going to land somewhere in between. Hum.

I don't like symbolism. I don't consider things outside the narrative, so I don't even usually notice it, nor do I try to. Antichrist is all symbolism, but they make it so clear that it didn't bother me. And the film explored the concept of man as a rational creature, which I find really interesting. Can a person be honestly rational in the face of tragedy, and does it make any sense to try to be?

I actually really liked the movie, because I enjoyed the questions being asked. Other people don't like being smacked over the head with symbolism. I can't really blame them. Also, it's probably misogynistic.

The cinematography is undeniably beautiful. The horror––it's of the viewer-as-masochist type. It's intense.

Kynondontas / Dog Tooth

This is one of those movies that seems to have held onto its non-English name even over here, probably because it's such a cool word.

Kyondontas explores similar territory to Room by Emma Donoghue, but from an external eye, instead of the very emotionally-investing first-person present tense used in Room.

Still, though it's not moving, it's interesting. And kind of disturbing. So I definitely think it's worth a watch.


Apparently Australia also has soul-sucking suburbs. This is a bad movie about one.

It really wants to be American Beauty. The protag is a Wes-Bentley-Ricky-Fitts-style weirdo who watches the world through a camera, for gosh sake. It mixes in some Chumscrubber, some, I don't know, Scooby Doo. Whatever. I'm tired of thinking about this movie. It sucks.

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