Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Am Obsessive

I would have been a good computer programmer if I were better at math. I will sit and tweak something endlessly, getting it just right. If something is even a bit wrong, I can't relax.

And that's why is complete. I made ads. I added a widget to the sidebar that shows randomly chosen pictures of Chewie every time you load the page. I wrote the mission statement:
When it comes to horror movies, Netflix Instant can seem like the new straight-to-video. Let Alan Ryker, his pughuameranian Chewie, and the occasional guest reviewer do the dirty work for you, digging through the muck on Netflix Instant, Amazon Instant and Hulu to find the hidden horror gems.

As promised, a new review is going up every weekday. I'd really appreciate it if you'd check it out. And if you watch a movie I review, I'd love comments! Tomorrow's review is of Bikini Girls on Ice, which I know you've already seen. Don't lie to me.

So now that the heavy lifting is done and the maintenance is going to be something I do every day anyway– watching a movie and writing a review of it– I can focus again on other things, like revising my two recently finished books.


  1. Just as an FYI: As a career programmer with a Computer Science degree that required 18 hours of advanced math (I took 21 hours because I'm an idiot)...I've used almost none of that math. Outside of 3D graphics and physics programming, all the math you need is the ability to balance a checkbook. Which, I admit, can seem like a lot to some art majors... ;-)


  2. It's always the talk of algorithms that scared me off.