Friday, December 30, 2011

Blood Tells True Dead Tree Cover

I am very tired, and really most of my day was spent creating the cover for the paper version of Blood Tells True. It's way more work to design paper covers than e-covers. And it isn't the most rewarding work because I'm doing it for two reasons unrelated to writing success:

1. To please the Luddites I know personally.
2. So Amazon will stop estimating page counts on my e-only offerings, because it estimates way too low.

So I'm posting it to feel like I at least got a blog post out of the work. The bar code will go beside the fist, so that won't be as unbalanced as it looks right now.


  1. Well, I am happy to no longer be in target group #1.

    Can't wait to read.

  2. Where the hec is the author picture?
    Really Alan!
    By the way... paper books are so 20th century!

    However, The cover looks fantastic and I am so thrilled you have finished. I will be reading it soon and look forward to splashing your cover all over my site!
    Tammy @NovelOpinion

  3. @Grayson I hope it's easier for you to get the books you want now that you have a Kindle. I remember how patiently you waited for Burden Kansas.

    @NovelOpionion I just can't have my face on the outside of the book. I thought about it, and I can't do it!

    If I ever have a hard cover, I'll gladly let them slap my mug on an inside flap.

    I can't wait to hear what you think!