Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Important Information

I just invented a snack for the gourmand on a budget: caliente crackers.

      Jalapeño slices
      Generic saltines
      1 glass of water

      Place one jalapeno slice on one Saltine. Cram in mouth. Wash down with water. The last step is important, as the binding effect of the saltine will otherwise cement bits of jalapeno all over your mouth, burning the ever-loving crap out of your taste buds.

In other snack-related news, sardines now come in a pouch, like tuna.
      Environmentally friendly
      My normal brand brought back their smoked variety

      Without being packed so tightly, sardines are kind of mushy
      I’ve gotten accustomed to kippered herring since my brand discontinued their smoked variety

Verdict: still pretty good on a generic saltine.

I watch horror movies most days, both because I enjoy it and to get material for However, I don’t write a horror review every day. Instead, I take notes and then use them to write a week’s worth of reviews all in one day.

The whole time I’m writing reviews, I’m also watching pro-wrestling, aka wrasslin.

I’ve found that different types of writing require different levels of concentration. Writing health and fitness articles requires a lot of concentration due to the specialized vocabulary and the need to keep different sources straight in my head. Writing fiction requires total concentration as well, an almost dream-like state. Blog posts and movie reviews, however, I can write with background noise.

I’ve been a longtime fan of wrasslin, but haven’t been able to fit it into my schedule because I can’t just sit and watch it. There’s too much talking, and the shows are really long. So I have to be doing something else, but most of the things I do require concentration (or use of the television ILOVEYOUBATTLEFIELD3).

Now I turn the volume pretty low, and look up only when the crowd goes “Oooooooh.” It takes nearly 5 hours to get all the way through WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, and TNA Impact.

I don’t think it influences my reviews, but who knows.

Blood Tells True is in the very finalest stages! I hope to have it out just in time to capitalize on the post-Christmas Kindle-filling boom. Ahhhh, the reason for the season.


  1. Nice cover. But oh no! Is that The Man With A Skull For A Head's head in the foreground..?

  2. Response 1. That ham! You can't take a picture when he's around without a skull jutting in from some angle!

    Response 2. So all skulls look the same to you? What a fleshist.