Friday, January 27, 2012

Movie Reviews!

The tagline for The Dead Outside is “Dying Is Easy.” This, of course, is the theme of every zombie flick, along with, “We’re our own worst enemies.” Both of these themes play a prominent role in The Dead Outside, and yet it examines them so seriously and sincerely that it doesn’t fall prey to the generic feeling that usually turns me off of zombie movies.

Popcorn is an odd duck, because in some ways it was behind the times, and in other ways, ahead of the times. Although it was made in 91, it feels very much like an 80s flick. But as a meta-horror film, it predates Wes Craven’s New Nightmare by three years.

Many times, in a movie, events need to be foreshadowed, or a character needs to learn something, and there’s no convenient way to have it happen. Unless you’re a good writer. But being a good writer isn’t convenient, either.

What’s convenient is having a character stumble over a copy of the Plot Point Picayune.

Parasomnia begins with a very interesting opening kill. A hoity-toity lady sits on a balcony overlooking an urban downtown. She receives a phone call, then chucks herself over the side.  The coolest aspect of this OK is the way the camera follows her all the way down, even bouncing off the concrete beside her. Here’s the first instance of the movie trying hard, but achieving something interesting.

Cut to a dude riding a bus. He has a flashback to childhood. Turns out later that the bus scene is a flashforward. So a flashfoward to a guy riding a bus having a flashback… Here’s the first instance of the film trying too hard.

This back and forth pattern continues throughout.

As I write my week's movie reviews, I watch the previous week's wrasslin', and take my
Weekly Wrasslin' Notes!

-I'd prefer that in the Bryan / Big Show feud that Big Show go heel, but turns out Bryan is going that way. It’s going to be fun watching him duck matches against the two biggest men in the WWE.

-I miss one week and Zack Ryder has lost his title to Jack Swagger!

-Ziggler and Cena are great opponents, with Cena's strength and Ziggler's ability to sell any move.

-Crowd sign: Y2J? Y2Say Something!

-Jericho finally spoke. Now we can all stop caring.

-Cena is giving in to the hate! Doesn't he see he's falling for Kane's evil machinations?

-Cowboy Storm is a joke. He's a bad Stone Cold impersonator. Bobby Roode is at least a good heel. Now that Beer Money's broken up, Cowboy needs to go away.

-I like Sting just fine. He's developed some mic skills. But I definitely prefer a heel general manager.

-Wow. I've never paid attention to Brutus Magnus's finisher, the MDD, a sitout scoop slam piledriver (basically a spinning, powerslam piledriver). Good lord that looks dangerous.

-The Knockout match was really good, cementing my opinion that Impact’s women wrestlers are better than WWE's.

-Austin Aries is as good a mic-man as he is a wrestler, and that's saying a lot. Can't believe WWE lets Impact dominate the high-flying scene with the X Division.

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