Friday, February 10, 2012

Movie Reviews!

Not so many reviews this week. More next, though.

Although Grave Encounters is a pretty original flick, a really easy way to describe it is as House on Haunted Hill meets House of Leaves (which is also found footage, though of the literary variety). Some found footage horror films have had pretexts of documentary (Blair Witch Project, Monsters), while others have just had a protagonist who forgets to drop the camera while running for their lives for a few hours (Cloverfield). Of all of these, though, Grave Encounters has the best pretext for running cameras with plenty of coverage, including static, night vision cameras. And the fact that the host of Grave Encounters really wants to capture this real paranormal phenomenon for his viewers actually almost redeems him.

The Violent Kind has some interesting components that are carelessly mashed together into a sort of glorious mess. You rarely see such a dramatic mix of competence and incompetence. Much more incompetence, though, and it ends up shining brightly through.

As I write my week's movie reviews, I watch the previous week's wrasslin', and take my
Weekly Wrasslin' Notes!

*These notes contain two weeks’ worth of RAW*

-The final January RAW was in KC. I am out of the loop.

-Undertaker, huh? How convient, considering the countdown to Wrestlemania has just begun. His last?

-LORD how I wanted to see Mark Henry hurt Teddy Long. That racist joke has gone on too long.

-Wow, Cody Rhodes is a tall dude to be pulling off moonsaults. Risky.

-Why doesn't the overactive pituitary glands of the giants work on the glutes? Khali has a seriously flat ass for such a huge guy.

-I know it appeals to nostalgia, and I know that Hacksaw probably needs a paycheck, but it's sad to see these old guys who are decades past being able to cut it put on subpar matches. Especially with all the young talent waiting for a break.

-This vegan heel angle of Daniel Bryan's to get a rise out of the worst of Americans disgusts me.


-From the crowd's (lack of) reaction to some famous driver rolling up in his car, I think there's less of a wrestling/NASCAR fan crossover than predicted.

-Turns out Jericho was "trolling" us when he ran around like a mute, grinning moron.

-I LOVE CHOPS! Go Khali!

-Miz did not get properly beneath R-Truth, who flew out of the ring and landed on his ass on the mats and hit his head. Just found out that it seems he didn't injure himself badly.

-Wow, TNA got a HUGE crowd in London.

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