Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Various Things

I’ve been writing a lot, and I’m closing in on the first draft of the next novel. In fact, I should finish it this week.

So that’s good.

I did a bit of work on The menu bar tab that once said “Movie Reviews” and led to the movie review post category, now says “Movie Reviews – Alphabetical”, and leads to a page with a dynamic link list of every movie review, listed alphabetically. Unfortunately, it’s got a big “The…” section. Maybe someday I’ll try to find a list generator advanced enough to ignore a beginning “The”.

Reviews for Blood Tells True are starting to come in, and they’ve been good! I’m hoping that helps the book build some momentum. Check it:
Review at Jay Krow’s blog

Percy Shelley and the Abominable Gentlemen are no longer on good terms.

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