Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stuff’s Been Crazy

Yeah, I know I basically fell off the face of the Earth. Stuff’s been crazy recently. Real crazy. I don’t like crazy. I like regimen. I like scheduled. But it’s all been good crazy, which has mitigated my anxiety to a certain degree.

One crazy thing was a week-long vacation to the place of my birth, Washington D.C. I hadn’t seen my dad’s family for a decade. I went with my wife, mom, sis, and two nieces. It was an amazing trip. Every day was packed with fun. Here are some highlights:

Waiting for chili-smothered half smokes at the famous Ben's Chili Bowl.

That's a boat.
Behind that man a bushel of crabs are being cooked alive for my delectation.

Haters gonna hate. Skaters gonna skate.

One of my favorite paintings.

World's largest flawless crystal ball.
Plan to spend a full week at the Smithsonian if you ever make it to DC.

Also, I got a new / old job. It’s the job I got laid off from about a bit over a year ago, which is basically the event that got me into self-publishing. The company got a fat new contract and asked for me to return. It was great timing, as my freelance writing had dried up and I wasn’t getting any responses from job applications. The only major drawback is that I’m now going to have to schedule my writing around my work, rather than the other way around. But right now I’m digging the stability of regular work over the flexibility of freelancing.

There’s been other stuff, exciting stuff, but I can’t go into it quite yet.

So, I’m feeling pretty guilty about not having gotten Penny Dreadnought issue 4 out yet. The other Abominable Gentlemen have turned in their materials; I just haven’t put it together. But I hope to do so within the next few days. The title: Uncommitted Crimes. The theme: committed crimes.

Speaking of crime, did you know that Iain Rowan just published his first crime novel? I just bought my copy of One of Us, no sampling or nothing, because if his short crime fiction is any sort of indication, it’s gonna be awesome.

Who else is really happy about the result of Project Runway All Stars Season 1? Sweet vindication!

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  1. There is a monstrous visage in that flawless crystal. Even your real life is horror.