Monday, April 23, 2012

Paranormal Investigations cont.

The tale of the strange reflection in the world's largest crystal ball has grown even stranger.

After further photosho...clarification, it appears that the devil is either wearing a Cthulhu hat, or Cthulhu is just sort of tasting his head, testing the juiciness of the consciousness contained therein. Unfortunately, it seems that we may never learn the truth. I received this dire email from my source:

In the haste and excitement of uncovering what I thought to be the most compelling photographic image of a para-paranormal event, I overlooked an even more horrifying presence. I tried to alert the media, but I was detained, and authorities have confiscated my equipment and data. At least, they thought hey had. I'm entrusting this to you. I hear them coming, they will find me soon

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