Friday, April 13, 2012

Paranormal Investigations

I posted some pictures taken at the Smithsonian recently. One in particular has started something of a tornado of speculation in the paranormal world: the world's largest flawless crystal ball. You might notice there's a face in it that's not mine:

There have been theories about this apparition, but up until this point, nothing has been conclusive.

Until I received this communique:

Using the latest in proprietary CSI image enhancement tools, I have been able to identify the reflection of the person or entity viewing the Flawless Crystal. The results may shock you. It was Satan.

Bubba Rice 
Forensic and Para-Paranormal Investigator: Badge 32

Compelling evidence, to be sure.

Shocking? Or is it completely expected that Ol' Scratch is so interested in my doings and goings ons?

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