Friday, April 20, 2012

Penny Dreadnought: Uncommitted Crimes

From the criminal minds of the Abominable Gentlemen come four tales of murder, malfeasance and malarky:
"Occupational Hazard" by Iain Rowan
"The Aerialist" by Alan Ryker
"Packob's Reward" by James Everington
"Poe's Blender" by Aaron Polson

Penny Dreadnought: Uncommitted Crimes contains approximately 14,000 words of both new and previously published fiction. Buy it at:

My story is a new one, and kind of a weird one. It was pulled out of the slush by several magazines, but ultimately rejected. There are few places looking to publish traditional pulp adventure. The perfect self-pubbing situation, in my opinion.

I just noticed that the Amazon “Click to Look Inside!” arrow points directly down the barrel of the dreadnought gun. Although to read any issue of Penny Dreadnought is to look directly down the guns’ barrels, I would hesitate to instruct anyone to do so.

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