Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Unphotogenic

That could be the title of a horror story.

Trying to get some new author photos before I buzz the hair off. It took about a hundred duds:

To get one keeper:

And then to add insult to injury, my wife conducted a photo shoot with the pets in which every single shot turned out beautiful:


Wow, the novel One of Us by  fellow Abominable Gentleman Iain Rowan has been nominated for the Guardian UK's Not the Booker Prize, alongside some literary heavy weights! It's a well-deserved honor.

We all know that I can't stand the equation of book length with book worth, but here's something I hadn't thought of: it diminishes our already strained ability to participate in a shared culture when reading the important new books is made impossible by their incredible length. An 800 page book obviously takes the place of 3 shorter books that could be just as important, and the argument here is that the extra length is often unimportant research, a showing of work (remember that from math class) rather than added value. Anyway, Are Books Becoming Too Long to Read? 


  1. Godamnit your cat looks exactly like mine! I mean, exactly. I know disappears for ages sometimes, but I never knew he went as far as America.

    1. Any time you'd like, feel free to stop by and take him back. Or I can mail him to you.

  2. That first photo is the stuff of nightmares. You don't have to be a horror to write it you know....

    I'm driving to Morgan's in an hour or two to spend the week. I think I'll scare her with your pictures.....