Monday, February 18, 2013

This Blogging Thing

Okay, it annoys me when people complain about making content for their blog. If you hate it, don't do it. That's not what this is. This is a personal evaluation of the benefits of blogging as an author, and how that's changed in the past few years.

Your blog used to be your hub. It doesn't seem that way anymore. Facebook has taken over, and the only value of the blog over Facebook is that Facebook has started charging you to reach your entire audience. Okay, that's a pretty big caveat. I'm not paying. Maybe I'll start repeating myself a lot, instead. That'll win me readers.

So your blog is no longer your biggest social-networking tool, but it still takes the biggest investment of time. For me, this becomes an issue not because I don't enjoy writing blog posts, but because I have to write them at a certain time. My words dry up in the evening. But I need to use my mornings for writing fiction, not posts on comic book budgets or how to best hold a Kindle. Why? Because I'll never make a living as a kindle-holding ergonomics adviser, but I'm beginning to make one as a fiction writer.

The thing is, even in the evenings I can occasionally manage to find enough words to put together a Facebook status, and it reaches a lot more people, because the feed is built in. I follow blogs with an rss reader, but most people don't, and most people also don't remember to check in at 30 different blogs. But they'll check into Facebook multiple times a day. That's easy to remember because it becomes a habit. It's funny that if LiveJournal had stuck, with its built in feed and wonderful commenting system, blogs might still be the big thing.

I know I'm not saying anything new here. I'm just wondering semi-aloud. I know that personally, updating my blog has slipped further and further down the priority list, right above learning when to use "further" and "farther" (seriously, just ask my editors. I don't even try).


  1. Personally, I prefer reading blogs compared to Facebook, as some people just throw any old crap up on FB as far as I can tell. People seem to consider a blog post a bit more, maybe because it seems a bit more permanent...

    1. That's true, and I think it's become even more true because of Facebook. I used to occasionally just make a blog post containing a single picture or sentence. Now that goes on Facebook, and I usually only post to my blog when I have enough to say to make an entire essay.

  2. Same here. I am actually growing to resent my blog. It may get one final facelift to match my current goals in the next few may be the only way to save it.

    Also, I hate Facebook.