Monday, March 25, 2013

Moving to Tumblr

Remember when I said this two posts ago?
It's funny that if LiveJournal had stuck, with its built in feed and wonderful commenting system, blogs might still be the big thing.
No one told me about Tumblr, so either you people don’t know about it or you’re keeping things from me.

I know that Tumblr has been out forever. I know! But I finally decided to check it out this weekend and I love it. It’s so fun and intuitive and social. There’s this pool of social web features that every network has. Tumblr has them in just the right balance for me. I can post my long, rambling posts, but I can also feel comfortable posting a single sentence or picture. It also feels much less solitary. And the Android app is great, which is important to how I use social media these days.

The best part is that instead of my fiction driving people to my blog, my Tumblog will drive people to my fiction, because tumblr has a built in community and easy ways to increase discoverability.

Anyway, enough raving. I’ve decided to make tumblr my hub, so I imported my posts from here over there and have switched the domain to point at it.

This blog will stay up but will no longer be active. So be sure to update your feed reader.

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