Friday, August 8, 2014

Pink Shirt Fridays No More?

I'm so happy!
I've celebrated Pink Shirt Fridays for years. What's that? You say you've never heard of Pink Shirt Friday? What's that? You say you didn't say that at all, that I'm pretending to hear what you're saying, even thinking? What's that, you think this one-sided conversation has gone too many levels deep already and shows no sign of letting up and you're clicking away from this stupid blog?

Okay, hold on there, clicky.

I've been trying make make Pink Shirt Friday a weekly holiday at every business I've worked at since Black & Veatch, a massive KC-area engineering firm. You see, working at B&V was not fun. Very, very not fun. This was my way to add a little color to the beige and gray. And pastels look really good with my skin tone, especially pink.

But I've always had a problem with the whole TGIF mindset. Well, I don't have a problem with it. I think a lot of people have valid reasons to be happy that the work week is over. It just sucks. I've always said that TGIF should really be TGIOWCttSEotG, or Thank God I'm One Week Closer to the Sweet Embrace of the Grave. It's being happy that five days of your life are over and that the next two will be better.

Yeah, that's reality for most of us, but it still sucks. It'd be nice if more people got to do what they enjoy for a living.

So I struggled with myself over putting on a pink polo shirt this morning as I have nearly every Friday for a decade. You see, this Monday I switched to working one day a week at my office job. And to be honest, I like that job quite a bit. Unlike that engineering firm that still haunts my fiction, it's a great environment with great people. But still, even only working half days, I've celebrated Friday and the upcoming extra time to do my own thing during the weekend. 

Now, my writing and my other businesses have taken off to the point that they need to get my primary time instead of my extra time. I made the jump this week. Working one day a week at the office and the rest of the week for myself, Monday is also my Friday.

So, while it hurts my heart a little, I don't know if I'm going to drag that old tradition into this new era or not. No, I'm not putting away my pink polo shirts. Maybe I'll get one for every day of the week!

See you at Crypticon! I'll be the guy in pastels and gem tones.

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