My People


I'm super happy with the presentation of this book. The cover art is so eye-catching, and the design so clean and professional. I really think it's going to get people clicking.

Sometimes I feel like I should keep the people I work with to myself. They're my secret advantage. Would Lance Armstrong give all his opponents his gigantic heart, 25% larger than it should be? Would Kobyashi give his opponents his strange abdominal layout which allows his stomach to expand down into regions most people's can't? Would Chael Sonnen give Anderson Silva his steroids?

But we aren't opponents. This isn't a zero-sum game. And maybe the writers in my readership will remember this and drag me up with them when they rise to the top.

I make such sacrifices for you people.


The wicked cover art is by Ricardo Sandoval. Check out his great work, and then contact him at tvlookplay at hotmail. Looking through his gallery, he's awesome at creating striking images of badass women. I could imagine several of them as book covers.

The beautiful, badass young woman in this image is model Natalie Paquette.

As usual, the design was done by the patient Wendy McBride. I love how she managed to give the design a clean scifi feel, and yet somehow maintained my visual branding.If you're a pain in the ass who no designer will work with, try contacting Wendy at mcbride.wendy at that thar gmail. You're welcome, Wendy ;)

Finally, the copy edit was done by by Rebecca Stigge. Contact her at rhstigge at that thar gmail. This was a particularly difficult one, I'm sure, because of the extremely close third combined with looooong sentences. I don't hesitate to recommend Rebecca. Her grammatical skills are second-to-none.


The list on this one is short. It's fitting because the piece is short, a one-act play.

I love this cover. It's got just a bit of the Alan Ryker brand to it, with the texture and the typography, but it also screams "play." And it's so striking.

This cover is a first for me: an original work, commissioned of Wendy McBride. I typically pay for the rights to a piece I find on Deviant Art and then Wendy turns it into a cover for me. But this one is from scratch, and I love it.

Let's be honest: my covers kick ass. You should contact Wendy about doing one for you. mcbride.wendy at that thar gmail.


That's a nice looking book, isn't it? People give me compliments like I had something to do with it, and I'm not going to turn down a compliment.

I feel like I'm handing over my personal advantage—and I need all the advantage that I can get—but I guess I'll let you know who worked with me to put Burden Kansas together. You can't go wrong contacting any of these people. The cover is beautiful and the copy is clean. I can't speak for the content, but as far as presentation goes, Burden Kansas could have been published by one of the big 6.

Cover art "The Outsider That's Inside" by Justin Critch. Contact him at justin.critch at dat der gmail. Do you know how long it took me to find a fierce looking vampire done in a gritty, professional style? A surprisingly long time.

Cover art "Bovine Skyline" by Nate Brelsford. Contact him at natemb at dat der comcast dot net.

Cover design by Wendy McBride. Contact her at mcbride.wendy at that thar gmail. I'm obsessive; she's patient. It's a good combination.

Copy edit by Theresa Lininger. Contact her at athenaedits at that der gmail. One of my perspective characters is a Sheriff, so besides cleaning up my syntactical errors, Theresa Lininger—editor, practicing attorney and criminal law expert—kept my law talk authentic. If you aren't a cop or a lawyer but write novels involving them, you should definitely talk to her.


Much love to the people who made the publishing of Pulling Teeth possible! With the combination of an intensly disturbing cover and impeccably clean syntax, who cares what I actually wrote? If you're trying to make a book that people will confuse for a publication by the big boys in NYC, contacting any of these people would be a good step. For reals.

Cover art "Pulling Teeth" by Caroline Horst. Contact her at at that thar

Cover art "Mouth" by Daisuke Kuroneko.

Cover design by Wendy McBride. Contact her at mcbride.wendy at that thar

Copy edit by Rebecca Stigge. Contact her at rhstigge at that thar